Model AC-501 AUTO CAFE

Fits in your vehicle cup holder and keeps take-out containers hot!


• Safe for all disposable cups.
• Best performance with paper cups 12oz – 20oz such as Starbucks, Circle K, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, 7-11, Wa-Wa, and many more, all with or without sleeves
• Good for similarly-shaped porcelain travel mugs, safe for Styrofoam, plastic and metal cups.
• Keeps All Hot Beverages Hot & Tasty
• Fits Securely in All Car and Truck Cup Holders
• Fits All Size Disposable Cups (12 to 20oz) including paper, Styrofoam & plastic  
• Precision temperature heater adjusts output as needed
• Automatic Shut-off when cup removed, Automatic Turn-on when cup reinserted
• Additional Lighted On/Off Button for extra control
• 12VDC plug & cord, works in any car or truck 12VDC power socket
• Just wipe clean as needed
• Model AC-501C same product with English –French packaging
• Patents Pending
• Not designed for insulated travel mugs, as their construction keeps heat out as well as in.
• UPC# 0-11502-31001-6: MSRP $25.00