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Model #ET-75
Rotisserie Thermometer
MSRP $60.00

·         Precise meat temperature while your rotisserie is turning

·         Set thermometer to desired doneness temperature

·         Receiver displays alert and actual temperature and beeps when meat reaches your temperature



·         Select from four meat pre-sets and four doneness levels or set to your own specific temperature

·         The revolutionary transmitter clamps to your rotisserie handle and turns with it while your food is cooking


·         Two thumb screw collars fit most spits. Small - .475” ID; Large - .615” ID

·         Included are four pairs of different sized probe wire clips to secure the probe wire along the spit

·         Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

·         Count-up and countdown timer

·         3AAA batteries included

Remote Receiver


Probe, Collar, Rotisserie Clips


UPC 0-11502-75575-6
US Patent 6,539,842


Made in China



The ET-75 works great with the Rib-O-Lator

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Please note in the past this unit had not worked with the Weber gas grills. However we have now come up with a solution – all you need to do is use a piece of stainless tape to adhere the probe to the rotisserie. Please email help@maverickhousewares.com to obtain a few FREE pieces of stainless steel tape from our customer service department. Also below you’ll find a link to a Youtube video to view our solution.