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A must for perfect baking – cakes and sensitive desserts.


• Terrific for proper cooking of roasts and poultry, too.
• Know the exact temperature of your oven throughout the entire cooking process.
• Easy to read LCD displays the exact temperature of your oven.
• Alert sounds when oven gets too hot or not hot enough.
• Calculates average temperature and updates it every 10 seconds over the entire cooking process.
• Probe with special mounting bracket easily clips to wire rack inside oven.
• 20-hour count-up or count-down timer.
• Detachable stand doubles as a hanging bracket.
• Magnets on back for sticking to metal surfaces.
• AAA batter included.
• Inner 6; Master 24
• Case Weight 15.0; Cubic Feet 1.8
• UPC# 0-11502-31509-7: MSRP $24.99