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• English/French language
• High heat probe and wire withstands up to 700°F (371°C)
• Digital LCD display shows elapsed cooking time, your choice of target temperature and constant average actual temperature from 122°F – 572°F (50°C – 300°C)
• Average temperature is updated every 10 seconds
• Single AAA battery and probe included

This new thermometer is a must for the gas grill.  The Maverick DIGITAL BARBEQUE THERMOMETER lets you know the constant average temperature inside your barbeque throughout the cooking process.  What’s more, it recalculates this average every 10 seconds, and compares it to the temperature target you have preset. It then alerts you if the temperature swings more than 15°F (9°C) above or below your target temperature. It updates this average every 10 seconds.

The DIGITAL BARBEQUE THERMOMETER measures the temperature by using a probe sensor with grill rack clip and an insulated metal wire that passes between the grill hood back to the unit. Grill knobs or air vents don’t have very accurate temperature settings and when you open and close the hood the temperatures can vary up to 100°F (55°C) from the temperature you think you set on the dial. Some grill hoods have analog thermometers but they are not at the grill surface and they are not as accurate as digital. If you don’t know your temperature, barbeque results can be poor.

Model OT-3BBQ is terrific for proper cooking of roasts and poultry. Also features 20-hour count-up or countdown timer. Detachable stand for countertop use, hanging bracket for wall, and has magnets on back for sticking to metal surfaces. 

•Color Box with Hanger
•Inner 6; Master 24
•Case Weight 15.0; Cubic Feet 1.8
• UPC# 0-11502-31510-3 : MSRP $24.99